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Welcome to my blog

Thanks for dropping by! My name is Daniel Macuare, and I’m a husband, and a proud father of a smiley little boy. I’m originally from Venezuela, but I’m grateful to call Manchester, UK my home since 2013.

I’ve created this blog mainly to document my learnings, but also to connect with more people interested in this area.

I’m currently working as a Senior Network Automation Consultant at Barclays. Before joining Barclays, I helped use automation to configure and maintain global networks at Booking.com and New Relic

I originally started my career as a Network Engineer, working in the Data Center and Cloud domains, but I quickly started learning about automation out of curiosity to make my work more efficient.

Besides networking, I enjoy learning about DevOps practices, Software Engineering, and Systems Design.

When I’m not at work, there’s nothing I like more than traveling. Here’s a list of the top places I’ve visited so far:

  • Vietnam: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh
  • Turkey: Istanbul
  • Spain: Barcelona
  • USA: New York, Orlando


  • Football: A lifelong AC Milan supporter
  • Running
  • Formula 1

All-time favorites: